Professional Services

Paper Reviews:


  1. Modelling Dual-Plane Ultrasonic Parallel Beam Fron-End System for the Special edition (Sensor Technology) Jurnal Teknologi
  2. Designing a Novel Consensus Protocol for Multiagent Systems with General Dynamics under Directed Networks for the Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering
  3. Expected Convergence Rate to Consensus over Asymmetric Networks: Analysis and Distributed Estimation for the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
  4. Prediction of HB, TW, and LDH in Normal and Leukemia Subjects using PLSR Analysis for the Special edition (Sensor Technology) Jurnal Teknologi
  5. Networked Control System Design for Turbofan Aero-engines for the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
  6. Comparison of PID methods for NCS for the CONTROL 2016 

Examiner /  Panel / Facilitator / Moderator:


  1. Academic Panel for Electrical Engineering Student Showcase 2016.